Inner-Peace IS A Mindset of Success
Inner-Peace IS A Mindset of Success

Stop worrying about not meeting other peoples' expectations to 'keep them happy'...  Start feeling more respected because you're putting yourself first!

Smash through feeling powerless from listening to what others think you should do... Unleash your self-confidence about what's right for you and why it truly matters...

Start realising how you can shift from feeling miserable from the daily grind and begin feeling deeper passion and enthusiasm right now...!


Discover The 3 Secret Keys to Unlocking

Your Extraordinary Life




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Inner-Peace IS A Mindset of Success
Inner-Peace IS A Mindset of Success

Your Webinar Agenda...

6:00 pm - Introductions and Connection

6:20 pm - How to Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet 

6:50 pm - Our Journeys Ahead

7:10 pm - Interview / Case Study

7:20 pm - Live Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Inner-Peace IS A Mindset of Success
Inner-Peace IS A Mindset of Success

What You Will Learn in This Webinar

As a result of attending this webinar, you will be able to:

1. How to Put Yourself First – Now!!

Shift from focusing on others' expectations to  respecting yourself more by putting "YOU" at the top of your list...

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2. Ignite Your Healthy Self-Esteem

Break free from obsessing about keeping everybody else around you happy...  Start experiencing more enthusiasm and self-confidence about what you really want!

3. Take Back Control of Your Life Now

Bust out of soul-sapping Groundhog Days of the daily grind and discover how to ignite resilience, determination and fun


Sophie Williamson

Senior Executive Assistant

Brisbane, Australia

My Mindset of Success Makes me Stronger at Loving Being Me Again...

It's like putting on a new sets of glasses removing filters I didn't even know I was looking through... And the community is so open, thriving and supportivefeeling like I'm at home with my people...  Out of this world simply phenomenal!!

Inner-Peace IS A Mindset of Success
Inner-Peace IS A Mindset of Success

How to Know This is For You...

Diving in, getting clearer on how to unlock more power and resilience of your self-confidence, so  you can put "YOU" at the top of your list right now, and start experiencing deeper passion and enthusiasm for your life ... gaining you the respect, appreciation & recognition from others that you deserve...  It's not for everyone...


I want to feel more cool, calm & collected in dealing with challenges & disruptions in my life.

I love discovering new levels of me, and what more is possible. I'm  happy "How" I am - I love tapping more.

Human behaviour fascinates me - there's so much more I don't yet know that can help me.

I love growing my thinking so that I can choose experiencing 'Me' differently... like Inner-Peace.

I’m ready to break out of my comfort zone - try something different.

I want to hang out with like-minded people who are on a similar path, who I can connect with.

I've been procrastinating for too long, it's time I move forward.


Other people are the problem - success in life is about minimising challenges and disruptions.

Change can only take place by random chance. We stay the way we've grown & that’s that.

Friends and family always know best - I will let them decide my life for me...

Choice about who we get along with is random, based on our nature, which we can't influence.

I can't do a thing about who I've become - this is how I've grown up, so I have to live with it... tolerate it... tolerate who I am now!!


Amy Moss

Secondary School Teacher

Sydney, Australia

I'm Loving my Life Again – All I'm Changing Is in Me...

​​A little lost, life running me off me feet –  overwhelmed with work, shopping, feeding and helping my 4 kids coping with school...  Finally I can live and breathe – I feel like 'me' again...

MOS Logo MASTER (L).png
MOS Logo MASTER (L).png

Meet Your Expert Guide 

Hi, I am Thomas Duncan, the Founder of Mindset of Success Partnerships...  Through our world-class personal development programs, transformational trainings & cutting-edge 1-on-1 consultation series…

I help people like you become your most authentic self, magnify your clarity, resilience & self-confidence in your life, and make a lasting positive difference in the world through meaningful action…

Whether you're looking to make big changes in your personal life, experience your joyful energy and your self-confidence more consistently, or just want more connection with like-minded people...  I am here to help you reach your version of your best self...  

I trust that this is the beginning of us getting to know one another and i look forward to how our journeys unfold together…

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