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Re-Ignite the Mental Habit of Energetic and Compassionate Resilience & Positivity

Unleash more of your true potential by engaging your Above and Below the Line Thinking.

Unlock more of your drive, resilience, certainty and self-confidence through Above-the-Line Thinking.



Register right now for your upcoming webinar on Above & Below the Line Thinking 

Magnify your sense of your personal power by increasing your clarity, so you naturally contribute more.

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Your Webinar Agenda

We really can map out our pathways to achieving our dreams - it's been scientifically

proven and empirically-validated in countless studies.

Getting your life out of 'Stuck'

Shifting your life out of 'Neutral'...

Key Learning #1

Enrich Your  Relationships and Connections right now through 'Above-the-Line' thinking.

Brainstorming Session
Key Learning #2

Increase your Confidence, Power & Resilience, when you choose, by flexing your 'Above-the-Line' thinking muscle.

Business Meeting
Key Learning #3

Live Your Life on Your Terms

more as a habit, than by chance by reigniting our innate habit  of Above-the-Line Thinking.

Glass Conference Room

My Resilience, Passion and Energy are like a Breath of Fresh Air

Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, in getting through each day.  I'm getting back my time that I cherish the mosttime with my young kids. 

I'm back in the 'driver seat' of my life...

Sophie Williamson

Senior Executive Assistant

Brisbane, Australia

How to Know This is For You...

You've had enough of the waiting - doing the same things over and over again - paying heed to the falsehoods and lies that "life" gets better all by itself, without changes in our invested efforts.

You've started realising and accepting that what that takes is in each and every one of us all the time, but only you can take the actions necessary to re-ignite these resources inside of you.

You get that your results, your achievements and your experiences are 100% your responsibility.

That, if you want to experience an extraordinary life, what you get from life is 100% on you.

Business Owners



This is for you because, as we in unlock more of our human potential, we improve business results.

Conversation between Colleagues
Team Leaders



This is for you because leadership of others begins with leadership of self, which unlocks more vibrant teams.

Glass Conference Room
Aspiring Leaders


This is for you because Above-the-Line thinking it's such an easy win to, both in ourselves and in our connections, and results.

I'm Loving my Life Again – All I'm Changing Is in Me...

​​A little lost, life running me off me feet –  overwhelmed with work, shopping, feeding and helping my 4 kids coping with school...  Finally I can live and breathe – I feel like 'me' again...

Amy Moss

Secondary School Teacher

Sydney, Australia

Meet Your Trainer

Hi, I am Thomas Duncan, the Founder of Mindset of Success Partnerships...  Through our world-class personal development programs, transformational trainings & cutting-edge 1-on-1 consultation series…


I help people like you become your most authentic self, magnify your clarity, resilience & self-confidence in your life, and make a lasting positive difference in the world through meaningful action…

Whether you're looking to make big changes in your personal life, experience your joyful energy and your self-confidence more consistently, or just want more connection with like-minded people...  I am here to help you reach your version of your best self...  

I trust that this is the beginning of us getting to know one another and i look forward to how our journeys unfold together…

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